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Probation Violations In Boston,  

A probation violation or a parole violation could send a violator to jail to serve out their maximum sentence or extend the length of their probationary period, placing further restrictions on the violator’s freedom and mobility. We know that good people make poor decisions and that habits are hard to break, especially addictions. We also know that sometimes an innocent mistake or misunderstanding can lead to serious consequences in a complicated and confusing legal system. If you or a loved one has been charged with a new crime while on probation, has violated probation or if you think your probation officer may file an affidavit for probation violation, speak with a Boston criminal defense  lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced defense lawyer can build a strong case to try to have the charges dropped or sentencing reduced to a minimum. An aggressive attorney by your side at your preliminary hearing could make all the difference in whether you are sent to prison or not.

Parole vs. Probation

Parole and probation violations are treated similarly in the court system. The difference is that parole may be granted to a person convicted of a crime who has served part of their sentence in jail and probation may be granted to a person convicted of a crime in lieu of jail time.

How A Probation Violation Lawyer Can Help?

If you were charged or arrested for committing a new crime or were charged with violating your probation, you could be sent to prison. You will often be detained by a judge and held in jail without bail until your preliminary hearing. An aggressive attorney will build a defense strategy designed to keep you from going back to prison and keep your penalties at a bare minimum. .We can also help you prepare for the preliminary hearing, which will determine whether there is probable cause to believe you violated your probation. If your case has already moved past the preliminary hearing, Defending Boston can help you prepare your defense.

Your rights, freedom and future are on the line when you are charged with violating your probation.

Types of Technical Probation Violations

There are different typed of rules that every person put under probation has to follow. Some of these can be quite minor and many times it is a matter of a simple mistake or misunderstanding that can lead to disastrous consequences and stressful situations.

Below are some of the more common violations of probation:

  • Failing to report to your probation officer
  • Not appearing at court or hearings
  • Failing to pay fines, court costs or restitution
  • Using drugs/Failing a drug test
  • Drinking alcohol/Failing a urinalysis or other chemical test
  • Curfew violations
  • Failing to complete community service hours
  • Failing to successfully complete rehabilitation, substance abuse programs, anger management courses, sex offender programs or other treatment programs as required by the stipulations of your probation
  • Living at a residence which is not approved by your probation officer
  • Associating with people who you have been specifically prohibited from contacting without your probation officers approval

Hiring A Boston Probation Violations Attorney-At Defending Boston we are compassionate to our clients’ situations and help them understand the charges they face and the best way to battle those charges.In certain circumstances of drug or alcohol abuse, there may be treatment options available instead of going to jail. We will fight for you to have the minimum sentencing possible and to be eligible for treatment programs instead of having to spend the remainder of the sentencing in prison. If you or a loved one has been charged with a violation of probation, contact us for a free consultation